Après Hour

photo-567Good Morning! Happy almost weekend! I brought you some flowers this week, don’t you just love them? They’re ranunculus and they make my house feel like spring! Everyone around the country has their bunny ears all up in a bunch about it snowing in April. Guess what, here in Utah we ski at Snowbird until July! I did see this hilarious photo however and it made me chuckle…10259905_10151893133425834_4068822561324326923_n ✓ These baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms looks like the perfect weekend brunch item!

✓ Or these waffles… with blueberry bourbon syrup, you’re kidding me.

✓ Wash it all down with this, one of my favorite brunch cocktails…

✓ Happy Easter! These 25 hilarious bunny costumes will make you laugh (hard) and then give you nightmares (if you’re 5).

✓ My mother just sent me the ultimate Easter egg… Solid chocolate on the outside… (that’s a Cadbury mini egg beside it to give you some perspective!)

✓ And filled with chocolate on the inside! Thanks, Mom!

✓ Want to make yourself really hungry at work? Look at TheeFoodPorn twitter feed- the pictures will make you drool.

✓ It’s possible to buy organic and not break the bank… here are 7 tips!

✓ Do you know the difference between flat-leaf and curly-leaf parsley? See here.

✓ This Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Gives The Safety Speech To End All Safety Speeches.

✓ Piper’s been bad and she knows it… That new toy only lasted 10 minutes! I hope you have a better weekend than Piper’s poor frog! Cheers to you!




Après Hour

photo-555Happy Friday, happy Après Hour! Spring has sprung here in Park City, for real this time, look at the pretty flowers I found on a hike this week. I’m sorry if you missed après hour last week, it was a crazy week and I just didn’t have time! I was too busy tending to my newly potted plants and celebrating my birthday. Check out the cactus and succulents I planted a few weeks ago!

It’s been two whole weeks and they are still all alive- when I read online that they only have to be watered once every one to two weeks I was sold! It even said “when in doubt, don’t water them!” So I figure I’ve got that going for me. This is what my basil plant looked like last year…photo-7Yep, its dead. Totally dead. I should have notice the directions on this one said, when in doubt ALWAYS water. I didn’t get to use fresh basil in ONE recipe before I killed this sucker! Anyways, I’m hoping for better luck this year.

✓ Did you know it’s #pizzaweek? Click here for heavenly pizza recipes, all week long!

✓ Looking to ‘sharpen’ your knife skills? Check out this free knife skills class so you’ll be a pro in the kitchen!

✓ Go ahead and pretend you’ve never had this reaction…photo-8✓ Start your day off with this tropical smoothie… I’d like to add a little rum to it!

✓ Then finish your day off with this cocktail… the rum is already added to it! (A drink for breakfast and dinner, in one day… the Dr. will never know!)

✓ Speaking of cocktails, check out the awesome Moscow Mule mugs I got for my birthday! I love them! photo-554✓ Do you love picnics? You’re crazy if you don’t! Check out this delicious Indiegogo campaign from Madeline Picnic Co.! Farm to Fork gourmet picnic baskets, what could be better?

✓ Looking for some budget friendly recipes? Here are 104 that feed 4 for $10! The Risotto Primavera looks delicious!!!

✓ Rhubarb Shortcake, yes please!

✓ These pictures will make you fall in love with foxes.

✓ Here’s piper, wishing you a very happy weekend! Cheers! photo-559


Après Hour

photo-537Howdy y’all, its that time of the week again… Après Hour! Last weekend we went to Jackson Hole to ski and look what I found! A lift named after this post… nope I just lied. The lift is named Apres Vous and I poorly photo shopped “hour” over “vous” but it was worth a shot! Jackson Hole was gorgeous! The town is so much fun and the Teton mountains are so breath taking! 1149693_703424888867_708010728_o✓ See what I mean, Teton National Park is pretty awesome. Hope you enjoy some of my favorite links, drinks and photos from around the internet this week! Cheers to the weekend!

✓ Here are the 20 Stages of Grocery Shopping… YES to #16 (Wine is a requirement)!

✓ Spring Cleaning? Here are 10 things you’ll probably forget to clean but shouldn’t!

✓ Some pictures of Jackson Hole and my lunch time margaritas. Speaking of margaritas…

✓ I’m definitely making this Roasted Grapefruit and Habanero margarita the moment I get home tonight.

product_image.aspLove this company FEED. They create good products that help FEED the world. Each bag feeds one child in school for one year, plus they are really awesome for the farmers market!



✓ This is one of my favorite food blogs, Cookie and Kate. All her recipes are awesome but this kale pesto looks killer!

✓ If I had to pick my last meal on earth… this would be it. photo-542✓ We could all use some good life advice, take these 21 tips from Gloria Steinem they’re really good!

Happy Weekend to you!

Après Hour

photo-536✓ I might have an obsession with taking photos of sunsets. I just love them!

Happy Friday and Happy Après Hour! It’s been another long week, although not any longer than any other week you’ve had your whole life, so lets move on. Yesterday was officially the first day of spring but winter is not ready to back down! It was cold all week but thankfully it was sunny too! I did get to relax in the sun on a “Ski Beach” (that’s just a fancy name for lounge chairs in the snow!) photo-174Yup that’s me kicking up my feet! Time for you to kick up your feet and enjoy some of my favorites from around the internet this week! Here’s to the weekend, Cheers!

✓ Keep it LOCAL. Looking for a way to eat sustainable, fresh and local produce this summer? Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) A CSA is a partnership between agricultural producers (Farmers) and consumers (you). Members or “shareholders” pay a fee at the beginning of the growing season to meet a farm’s operating expenses for the upcoming season. In return, members receive a portion of the farm’s produce each week throughout the growing season. I love knowing where my food is coming from, don’t you?! Search for one in Utah or near you.

✓ Your quick guide to reading nutrition labels

✓ Take it from Vermont Creamery, wrinkles are sexy (and delicious). Click the link, win free wrinkles!

✓ Points for creativity and resourcefulness but I’m pretty sure this isn’t how your bike rack was meant to be used in the off season.

photo-534✓ Loving Gwyneth Paltrow’s site Goop… visit to find out how you can Make, Go, Get, Do, Be and See.

✓ Here are 17 cocktails to get you ready for spring. I’ll take #13…AND 17, Thank you!

✓ If my dog Piper could speak, what do you think she’d be saying in this photo? (let me know in the comment section below!)photo-176✓ I’d like to spruce up my dining room with this elegant spring table cloth.

✓ This is my new favorite soap scent, it makes me happy every time I wash my hands.

✓ Speaking of happy… this cover of Pharrell’s song “Happy” will definitely make you happy!

Have a great weekend!