Après Hour

photo-555Happy Friday, happy Après Hour! Spring has sprung here in Park City, for real this time, look at the pretty flowers I found on a hike this week. I’m sorry if you missed après hour last week, it was a crazy week and I just didn’t have time! I was too busy tending to my newly potted plants and celebrating my birthday. Check out the cactus and succulents I planted a few weeks ago!

It’s been two whole weeks and they are still all alive- when I read online that they only have to be watered once every one to two weeks I was sold! It even said “when in doubt, don’t water them!” So I figure I’ve got that going for me. This is what my basil plant looked like last year…photo-7Yep, its dead. Totally dead. I should have notice the directions on this one said, when in doubt ALWAYS water. I didn’t get to use fresh basil in ONE recipe before I killed this sucker! Anyways, I’m hoping for better luck this year.

✓ Did you know it’s #pizzaweek? Click here for heavenly pizza recipes, all week long!

✓ Looking to ‘sharpen’ your knife skills? Check out this free knife skills class so you’ll be a pro in the kitchen!

✓ Go ahead and pretend you’ve never had this reaction…photo-8✓ Start your day off with this tropical smoothie… I’d like to add a little rum to it!

✓ Then finish your day off with this cocktail… the rum is already added to it! (A drink for breakfast and dinner, in one day… the Dr. will never know!)

✓ Speaking of cocktails, check out the awesome Moscow Mule mugs I got for my birthday! I love them! photo-554✓ Do you love picnics? You’re crazy if you don’t! Check out this delicious Indiegogo campaign from Madeline Picnic Co.! Farm to Fork gourmet picnic baskets, what could be better?

✓ Looking for some budget friendly recipes? Here are 104 that feed 4 for $10! The Risotto Primavera looks delicious!!!

✓ Rhubarb Shortcake, yes please!

✓ These pictures will make you fall in love with foxes.

✓ Here’s piper, wishing you a very happy weekend! Cheers! photo-559



1 thought on “Après Hour

  1. Nice one Perry! Did I take that picture of you?? Certainly can not take credit for your herbal gardening training. Dad

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