Après Hour

photo-536✓ I might have an obsession with taking photos of sunsets. I just love them!

Happy Friday and Happy Après Hour! It’s been another long week, although not any longer than any other week you’ve had your whole life, so lets move on. Yesterday was officially the first day of spring but winter is not ready to back down! It was cold all week but thankfully it was sunny too! I did get to relax in the sun on a “Ski Beach” (that’s just a fancy name for lounge chairs in the snow!) photo-174Yup that’s me kicking up my feet! Time for you to kick up your feet and enjoy some of my favorites from around the internet this week! Here’s to the weekend, Cheers!

✓ Keep it LOCAL. Looking for a way to eat sustainable, fresh and local produce this summer? Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) A CSA is a partnership between agricultural producers (Farmers) and consumers (you). Members or “shareholders” pay a fee at the beginning of the growing season to meet a farm’s operating expenses for the upcoming season. In return, members receive a portion of the farm’s produce each week throughout the growing season. I love knowing where my food is coming from, don’t you?! Search for one in Utah or near you.

✓ Your quick guide to reading nutrition labels

✓ Take it from Vermont Creamery, wrinkles are sexy (and delicious). Click the link, win free wrinkles!

✓ Points for creativity and resourcefulness but I’m pretty sure this isn’t how your bike rack was meant to be used in the off season.

photo-534✓ Loving Gwyneth Paltrow’s site Goop… visit to find out how you can Make, Go, Get, Do, Be and See.

✓ Here are 17 cocktails to get you ready for spring. I’ll take #13…AND 17, Thank you!

✓ If my dog Piper could speak, what do you think she’d be saying in this photo? (let me know in the comment section below!)photo-176✓ I’d like to spruce up my dining room with this elegant spring table cloth.

✓ This is my new favorite soap scent, it makes me happy every time I wash my hands.

✓ Speaking of happy… this cover of Pharrell’s song “Happy” will definitely make you happy!

Have a great weekend!


Après Hour

Happy Friday! Welcome to the après hour, the newest addition to Ski Boots in the Kitchen! One of my favorite “activities” after a long day of skiing is après-ski! If you’ve never experienced après-ski in its true form- come to Park City now, I will show you how its done, like this….

Après-ski, which is french for “after skiing” is the act of going out after skiing for drinks, socializing and relaxing! If you are lucky enough to enjoy your drinks from the bottom of the ski hill you can usually count on watching some hilarious carnage of tired skiers taking their last run down an icy trail (if you’ve ever been to Vail and enjoyed a margarita on the deck of Los Amigos you know what I’m talking about). After a long work week you deserve a break to unwind too! Regardless of where you are, at the bottom of the ski hill or at your desk, you can enjoy your own après hour with some of my favorite websites, blogs, recipes, drinks and photographs that I’ve gathered from around the internet. So sit back, enjoy a cocktail (if you’re lucky) and get ready for the weekend! Cheers!

✓ My favorite new website, “Blonded By Style” it’s all about style, fashion, travel and of course my favorite, food & drink! Plus Mia and Zoe take beautiful pictures!

✓ If you like dogs, this will make you laugh, really hard.

✓ I want these mugs

✓ And I want to be sipping this cocktail out of those mugs

✓ Park City has beautiful sunsets

✓ I love this cookbook “Share” by Women for Women International. It has stunning photos as well as recipes from both renowned international chefs and recipes from women living in war-torn countries. An added bonus, 100% of the proceeds go right back into those countries, providing women with business training and job skills so they can get back on their feet. Share: The Cookbook that Celebrates Our Common Humanity (Women for Women International)

✓ Have an URGENT cooking dilemma? Ask a question and get your answer instantly on Food52’s Food Hotline. It’s so cool!

✓ Get these… because there is nothing worse than watered down whiskey!

✓ Looking for some St. Patrick’s Day inspiration? Check out these recipes!

Most of all, have a great weekend!