Après Hour

photo-567Good Morning! Happy almost weekend! I brought you some flowers this week, don’t you just love them? They’re ranunculus and they make my house feel like spring! Everyone around the country has their bunny ears all up in a bunch about it snowing in April. Guess what, here in Utah we ski at Snowbird until July! I did see this hilarious photo however and it made me chuckle…10259905_10151893133425834_4068822561324326923_n ✓ These baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms looks like the perfect weekend brunch item!

✓ Or these waffles… with blueberry bourbon syrup, you’re kidding me.

✓ Wash it all down with this, one of my favorite brunch cocktails…

✓ Happy Easter! These 25 hilarious bunny costumes will make you laugh (hard) and then give you nightmares (if you’re 5).

✓ My mother just sent me the ultimate Easter egg… Solid chocolate on the outside… (that’s a Cadbury mini egg beside it to give you some perspective!)

✓ And filled with chocolate on the inside! Thanks, Mom!

✓ Want to make yourself really hungry at work? Look at TheeFoodPorn twitter feed- the pictures will make you drool.

✓ It’s possible to buy organic and not break the bank… here are 7 tips!

✓ Do you know the difference between flat-leaf and curly-leaf parsley? See here.

✓ This Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Gives The Safety Speech To End All Safety Speeches.

✓ Piper’s been bad and she knows it… That new toy only lasted 10 minutes! I hope you have a better weekend than Piper’s poor frog! Cheers to you!




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