“Appy Hour” Pear and Boursin Cheese

IMG_2332I’m always on the look out for fun new apps to try when we have people over. The problem with having a big tray of appetizers out to nibble on before dinner is I usually end up filling up on the snacks and I’m not hungry for dinner! I mean who can resist a cheese and charcuterie board?! This app is much lighter and slightly healthier then a basket of bread and crackers and you won’t fill up before you sit down for the meal. This would be perfect before Easter brunch or dinner this weekend! IMG_2333Added bonus, this appetizer is gluten free and I am always trying to think of yummy apps that are gluten free! One of my favorites are these smoked salmon and cucumber rounds with Boursin cheese (they are always a big hit!) So it turns out I might have a slight obsession with Boursin Cheese and this appetizer is proof of that! Find some delicious ripe pears at the store and serve them along side this cheese, its heaven on Earth!


  • 3 ripe pears
  • 1 container Garlic and Fine Herb Boursin Cheese


  1. Wash, core and slice the pears (leave the skin on). Remove Boursin from its foil and place on a platter with the pears around it.

Wonton Mozzarella Sticks

photo 4-4Hello Monday! Hard to believe that the Olympics are over! I loved watching all the high lights and live games every night after work, what will I do now?! Cook I suppose? I saw a pretty cool photo on Instrgram yesterday from Park City Mountain Resort, If Park City were its own country we would be tied for 14th over all in the medal standings! photo-3Not bad!! Congrats to all the amazing athletes of Team USA, it was so much fun watching y’all kick some butt over in Sochi! This quick appetizer was one of my favorites for prime time Olympic viewing. Its so easy and fast, and with only 4 ingredients they are cheap to make too! Serve it with some marinara sauce and boom, its the perfect cheesy, salty and delicious snack for any time! Enjoy!

Ingredients (Makes 12 Mozzarella Sticks)

  • 6 Mozzarella Sticks
  • 12 Wonton Wrappers
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup marinara sauce for dipping


  1. Cut mozzarella sticks in half. Place each cheese stick half onto the center of a wonton wrapper. Dip the tip of your index finger in a little water and moisten the top two edges of the wrapper, this will make it easier to seal the wonton around the cheese.
  2. Fold the bottom of the wrapper over the cheese stick, follow by the two sides, then roll the top edge of the wonton to seal it.
  3. Pour 1 cup of vegetable oil into skillet and heat for 2-3 minutes on medium high heat until 325-350 degrees. If you do not have a thermometer test the oil by placing the edge of a wonton wrapper in the oil, if it starts to bubble right away the oil is hot enough (be super careful, it does splatter).
  4. Place wontons seal side down and cook 1-2 minutes until golden brown. Using tongs flip the wonton and cook another 1-2 minutes. Remove the wonton from the hot oil and place on a paper towel to drain excess oil.
  5. Serve with immediately with warm marinara sauce for dipping. Enjoy! photo-513The beautiful sunset in Park City last night!

Original recipe from Alaska From Scratch