Happy April… Fools!

Happy April! Hopefully you didn’t miss my April Fools day post yesterday, if you did, check it out here. I love April Fools day jokes! I always come into the day prepared not to trust anyone but I usually fall for one or two good pranks! Here are a few photos I took yesterday that are definitely NOT April Fools jokes. photo-547It has snowed 16″ in the last two days in Park City. A couple days ago you could see the grass on my front lawn… Now, not so much! photo-549This Sea Salt Soriee is nothing to joke about, its damn delicious and I have to refrain from eating the whole bar before I leave the grocery store. photo-550Looking for a delicious snack? All you need is some EXTRA sharp cheddar cheese, freshly sliced apples and a corn tortilla. Place the apples on the tortilla, top with cheese and stick it under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese melts. This was one of my favorite childhood snacks! photo-548Some beautiful spring tulips and daffodils I picked up at Whole Foods this weekend are finally blooming! Even though its snowing outside, it feels like spring in my house! Here’s to a happy April, cheers!


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