Foodie Heaven – Friday Favorites

photo-252Happy Friday! But really TGIF… If I see another photo on Facebook or Instagram of someone on a beach, I might have to make myself a pina colada, turn my heat up to 90 and walk around in my bathing suit. I am just so glad it has finally stopped snowing. So is this moose that was in my front yard eating some fresh grass. Now its sunny and feeling like spring! This week I found some fun and entertaining articles, quizzes and recipes about food around the internet for you to enjoy!


√ Happy the weather is finally warming up? Check out these 9 spring superfoods that not only taste good but will boost your immune system and even ward off hangovers!

√ Can’t survive the morning without your coffee? Take this quiz and see just how much you know about your morning (or afternoon) cup of joe.

√ I’d like one of these right now. Melon Rumballa.

√ Love going to the ball park? Check out this list of the 16 most insane stadium foods money can buy– who wouldn’t want to eat a 24-inch beef brisket quesadilla, lying on a pile of Doritos while watching a baseball game?

√ I’ve got to try making these Gluten free/ vegan treats, they look amazing! Puffed Quinoa Peanut Butter Balls.

√ Need another reason not to eat fast food? This Utah man found a McDonald’s hamburger in his pocket from 1999 and it almost looks new.

√ Look how a regular ice cube tray can help you drop some pounds for summer.

√ If you bought too much cheese this week due to my Cheese & Charcuterie post- here’s a great way to store all that fancy cheese so it doesn’t go bad!

√ These are pretty cute baby duck pictures. Its almost like mother natures version of the “octomom” in duck form.

Hope you have a happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Foodie Heaven – Friday Favorites

  1. Hey girl, the hamburger guy is a real trip! He is our dog trainer/breeder friend’s father in law. You must go to one of the festivities and meet the fellow. Who knows, perhaps he will bring the ancient Berger!

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